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The theme of the Locus festival 2022, 18th edition, The Rising Sun

Expanding energy, like a star, like the sun rising over Puglia in the summer. The circular sign of the Locus turns 18, and from its historic center of Locorotondo it connects other cities and districts.
The house of the rising sun is the title of an ancient traditional folk song, taken up in the most diverse musical contexts, from The Animals to Nina Simone, from Bob Dylan to Miriam Makeba and many others. One of the first to document it was the ethnomusicologist Alan Lomax, a true inspirational figure for the musical attitudes of the Locus festival.
We have reached maturity, but the core of our star remains passion and cultural warmth.

Image, theme and concept of the Locus Festival 2022 are developed by Imood Studio in collaboration with Bass Culture srl