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The long and intense program of Locus festival 2021 – open eyed music – ended on 29 August with the finissage of the amazing “Muse” exhibition by Guido Harari.
A journey through Puglia between Murgia, Valle d’Itria, the Adriatic coast and the region capital, which began among the vineyards of the official partner Tormaresca on  24 July in Minervino Murge (BT) with Venerus, 
which went live after that with 24 shows in 9 evenings at Masseria Ferragnano in Locorotondo (BA), three concerts in the Archaeological Park of Egnazia and two other events in the center of Fasano (BR), up to the last live concert in Bari, in the unusual and prestigious square of the Basilica of San Nicola, with the show of Andrea Laszlo De Simone and his “Immensità Orchestra” .
With 11 sold-out evenings and a total of 32 shows, the initial program was entirely realized with few exceptions (UK’s Sons of Kemet are already reconfirmed for next year), totaling 20,000 entrances of which 18,000 paying audience.
Throughout the month of August thousands of people also enjoyed the photographic exhibition “Muse” by Guido Harari in the historic center of Locorotondo. It is the photography of a growing festival, despite the major limitations imposed on the industry by the emergency that has been lasting for two years now.

“Compared to the past, the exponential growth of the paying audience allows us to grow in quantity and quality of the shows, as well as representing a great signal of trust and maturity of the audience, which is extremely encouraging for the future. We are already working for the eighteenth edition, which will always have the municipality of Locorotondo as its heart between the end of July and the first half of August, and which we plan to expand and spread to other places and cities of our beautiful Puglia “, quoting Gianni Buttiglione, artistic director of the festival.

But Locus is not just music, this year saw the related activities increasing, making the festival a unique experience for the most loyal audience as well as for tourists and casual visitors.
In addition to the great exhibition “Muse”, the photographer Guido Harari held a workshop with 20 participants engaged in reportage and portraits during the events of the festival, the interactive installations by the artists of Futuro Arcaico opened to the public the precious location of the Archaic Garden in Masseria Ferragnano involving thousands of spectators.
Ten “Locus experiences” also involved hundreds of users in excursions, tastings, cycle tourism and other experiences in the Itria Valley.

The large spaces of Masseria Ferragnano, in addition to the live shows, the catering activities, the market exhibitors, also hosted a space that has scheduled six meetings with the artists, three talk shows and four film screenings.
The event saw a heterogeneous and very high quality line-up performing, where new names of the jazz and international black music scene alternated with young talents from our home and giants of Italian music, a perfectly gender-balanced line-up , the result of joining the Keychange movement, for a more open to women music industrya nd to all artists and professionals who suffer discrimination based on gender, race and culture.In alphabetical order: ANDREA LASZLO DE SIMONE, ANY OTHER, ARIETE, C’MON TIGRE, COLAPESCE DIMARTINO, COMA COSE, CRISTINA DONÀ, DIODATO, FABIO CINTI e ICO MAGNA GRECIA, FRAH QUINTALE, FRANCO D’ANDREA & DJ ROCCA, FRIDA BOLLANI MAGONI, GIANLUCA PETRELLA “COSMIC RENAISSANCE”, GINEVRA NERVI, GUIDO HARARI, IL QUADRO DI TROISI, IOSONOUNCANE, JAMES SENESE NAPOLI CENTRALE, KETY FUSCO, KEIYAA, KOKOROKO, LAURA AGNUSDEI, LICIA LANERA, MAKKOX, M¥SS KETA, NICCOLÒ FABI, POPULOUS, POST NEBBIA, SAMUELE BERSANI, STUDIO MURENA, VENERUS, WILLIE PEYOTE, WHITEMARY.

A festival made possible by the organizers in Bass Culture Srl, the 50+ persons involved, the tech crew, the insiders and thanks to the contribution of public and private partners.