Locus 2020 resist in a “Limited Edition”, and postpones of one year the “Open-eyed music” edition.

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Since the first news about the Corona Virus began to circulate, we have been holding our breath. We have witnessed the incredibly rapid expansion of the pandemic issue and the occurrence of the worst scenario for our world.
After dedicating our whole lives to bringing people together with music, this year we have to consider social distancing as the only way to protect the community.

In recent months, we have preferred not to give vague information to our audience, but we never stopped working, monitoring the evolution of the situation in regards to the summer.
Now we can say with certainty that, unfortunately, the extraordinary concerts already announced for 2020 will not be possible,  but we are working to reschedule them in summer 2021 together with the entire format already presented this year.

We’re honored to announce already today “Locus festival 2021 – Open-eyed music”, with the first two shows confirmed: Niccolò Fabi on the 31st of July 2021, and Willie Peyote on the 7th of August 2021. The tickets already purchased will remain valid for the new shows.

We’re trying to reschedule also other artists, and we hope to announce them as soon as possible.  But, we’re not giving up on Locus in 2020!

We are dealing with the new ways of safe use for events for this summer, codified and announced by national and regional authorities.
It is therefore still necessary some time our end, but a new program is being conceived for a “Locus festival 2020 – limited edition” in August in a more intimate dimension,
preserving the quality and the cultural identity of Locus.
And for those who cannot reach us, we will offer the possibility of maintaining an audiovisual contact with special live streaming videos.

In this extremely difficult situation for the entire music business, we resist holding on to our roots and the essentials that we’ve never abandoned: good music, sincere performances, and a territory rich in beauty and tradition. Because Locus is the heritage of an entire community, that can give us strength and motivation on moving forward despite the heavy limitations caused by the health emergency.

Let’s stay together and everything will be fine!