Locus festival 2020, open-eyed music

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The Locus festival 2020 will take place on the weekends between July 25th and August 15th, with great names from the international music scene, and with many other cultural activities.

As every year, the classic circular sign of Locus (inspired by the map of the Locorotondo ancient town center) is re-styled to reflect a new concept and claim: this year it’s “open-eyed music”, and our brand becomes an iris that reflects the wide musical spectrum of the concerts, the vivid beauty of the territory, the stratification of the cultures expressed.

The eye of Locus looks carefully to contemporary music, but also to all that is behind and beyond, gathering the infinite looks of the crowd, artists and partners, in the experience of an authentic collective vision.

Concept Locus 2020 by Imood studio

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