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The Locus Festival preview of July 16th with Devendra Banhart, is postponed to the summer 2022

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Due to the ongoing pandemic we are forced to postpone the upcoming Devendra Banhart events planned for this Summer.
Tickets will remain valid for the new 2022 dates, to be announced soon.
For the gig of 16 July 2021 in Trani, for those who wish, it is still possible to request a refund at the presale circuit used: through the app or on the website, until 26 July 2021.


DEVENDRA BANHART – Locus festival preview – postponed to 2022 (date TBA)
Pre sale tickets will be soon available on and


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Thursday 26 November 2020 at 06:00, “APULIA MOMENTUM” will be officially premiered online by DICE TV. It’s a film by the videomaker Marica De Michele, halfway between documentary and video art, showing unusual details and landscapes of the Puglia region, south Italy, throughout the story on the road of the band Calibro 35 in the strange summer of 2020, both live and in the studio.

It is indeed a strange moment when Calibro 35 had to promote their new album “Momentum“: in a summer suspended between limited openings during the Covid-19 health emergency, the band hailing from Milan arrives in Puglia for two shows, one in Fasano (BR) for an exclusive streaming performance among the Archaeological excavations of Egnazia, and the other in Valle d’Itria at Locus festival in Locorotondo (BA).

After that, the tour continued in the heart of Salento territory, for a recording session at Sudestudio in Guagnano (LE). The psychedelic sound textures of Calibro 35 and the physicality of their intense and solid live sessions, thus become the occasion for the videomaker Marica De Michele (born in Puglia but for years resident and artistically active in Holland) to rediscover the territory of her roots with a close look, expanding and contracting it in motion along the music.

The engaging soundtrack of this journey of senses, it’s also enriched by the original music of the Apulian band Saint Voyage, written specifically for the film. Music that in APULIA MOMENTUM often blends with the natural sounds of the earth, in a continuous swing between the parallel worlds of music and matter. A journey through fragments of the ‘Apulian ingredients’, highly rich in poetic visions, in details becoming large scenarios and earth, sea, sky and dry stone walls with hills in the background.

APULIA MOMENTUM was produced by Bass Culture srl together with Calibro 35, as part of “Programmazione Puglia Sounds Producer Italia 2020/2021”, with the support of “REGIONE PUGLIA– FSC 2014/2020 – Patto per la Puglia – Investiamo nel vostro futuro”.


Written, directed & edited by: Marica De Michele
Produced by: Bass Culture srl
In collaboration with: Calibro 35 & Record Kicks
Music by: Calibro 35 e Saint Voyage
Film production assistance & audio mixing: Gijs Brink
Audio mastering: Michele Mongiello
Created for: “Programmazione Puglia Sounds Producers 2020/2021”
Supported by: “REGIONE PUGLIA FSC 2014/2020 Patto per la Puglia – Investiamo nel vostro futuro”

Place To Be: three live streaming events from three beautiful Italian places. Locus festival participates with the Calibro 35, live among the excavations of Egnazia, Wednesday 16 September 2020.

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PLACE TO BE is a project by IMF (Italian Music Festivals) promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in the schedule of the Estate all’Italiana Festival, as part of the measures to support Italian cultural and creative companies and aimed at building a new international narrative of Italy in the post-COVID world.

The events will be broadcast live streaming on the DICE TV platform and promoted worldwide by the Network of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. Afterwards the videos will be available on demand on the IMF YouTube channel

In September it will be possible to watch streaming the performances of Nu Guinea, immersed in the vineyards of Monferrato, of Clap! Clap! and Kety Fusco in the medieval village of Civita di Bagnoregio and of Calibro 35 among the archaeological excavations in Egnazia, in the district of Fasano (BR).


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The musical programming of the 2020 limited edition Locus festival ended with a positive balance, beyond all limits. With 12,000 spectators in total, we reached the sold out in all the evenings of the festival, starting with the two initial concerts in the Archaeological Park of Egnazia with Niccolò Fabi in trio and with Vinicio Capossela, and continuing in the Masseria Ferragnano in Locorotondo with Calibro 35, Venerus , Michael League and Bill Laurance, Fatoumata Diawara, Orchestra della Magna Grecia, Kekko Fornarelli, Thinkaboutit, Ghemon, La Municipal, Colapesce Dimartino, Khalab, The Comet is Coming, Lorenzo Senni, Saint Voyage, Napoli Segreta.

Great participation also in the the free side events in the historic center: the Locusfocus talks, the night screenings of the Locusmovies series, and above all the great exhibition of the photographer Guido Harari: “Sonica” remained on display until the 23th of August, inside the Perle di Memoria Museum and outside on via San Michele Arcangelo, also in Locorotondo.

We want to thank all the public who rewarded us with their presence, despite the limitations of this strange summer: mask, distance, seats also for shows that invite to the dance: a proof of great patience and responsibility by the vast majority of people.

Our thanks is also due to the institutions that have encouraged and recognized the cultural value and social role of our festival: the Municipalities of Locorotondo and Fasano, the Puglia Region, the Archaeological Museum of Egnazia.

Thanks to the private individuals who have not abandoned us despite the delicate moment for the economy: the Official Partner Tormaresca, Ferrovie del Sud Est, the main sponsors Autoclub Group, BCC Locorotondo, Marino Bus, and the main partners who worked at our side, from the ticketing of Dice, to the food & beverage of Pescaria, Eatria, Acqua Orsini, the hospitality of Tenuta Monacelle and the many partners in the area.

Impossible to mention one by one all the staff members, all the suppliers, the technicians, who worked hard to realize the little miracle of this limited edition, we will never stop thanking them, together with the many friends who have us achieved and supported in several ways.

Last bat not least the artists, because they are the ones which gives meaning to everything, and their incredible performances have been food for the souls. With them we share the destiny that unites us in this historical circumstance. The success of the Locus festival does not make us forget that our working field is on its knees, and many other events have failed to take place. Therefore, also for the Locus it is not time to celebrate, and we hope that our success will be a stimulus and hope for everyone.

Now we are at work for the 17th edition of the Locus festival, scheduled from 31 July to 15 August 2021: with the recovery of the claim “Open-eyed music” we will try to recover some of what we have lost in 2020, starting with the two dates already announced and on sale: Niccolò Fabi with the band on July 31st, and Willie Peyote on August 7th 2021. Tickets already purchased remain valid for these two postponed dates. We hope to soon confirm also other artists we had to give up this year due to the global pandemic.

Let’s stay in touch through our social networks and the site for updates and upcoming previews.

Paul Weller’s July 25 concert is canceled. Tickets purchased are refundable

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Unfortunately we are forced to cancel Paul Weller’s date of 25 July in Locorotondo, without the possibility of recovering it next year.
The cost of the tickets purchased will be refunded in cash (no voucher): automatically with, and on request online with (until th 17th of July 2020).
Ticketone refund instructions

As for the other event suspended with Nick Murphy on 11 July, we are still evaluating the chance to move it on 2021. We will give you certain news in a few days.


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As promised and despite everything, also in 2020 Locorotondo will have the Locus Festival, though in a Limited Edition version.
Already from the first news, it is clear how this year’s limits will become merits, for a festival that has never given up on quality for quantity. All in the welcoming framework of the Itria Valley, the heart of Puglia.From the 7th to 23rd August 2020, the center of Locorotondo will be covered by “SONICA“, a special photographic exhibition GUIDO HARARI‘s works taking place all over between the historic center and Sant’Anna di Renna:  the author, among the most famous music photographers in the world, will be joining us at Locus for a public talk.
Other special meetings and open-air cinema (free entry) will animate Locorotondo’s village, and obviously live music will be there with the first two confirmations.

CALIBRO 35, for a special live project, is reconfirmed at Locus 2020. This Italian band of high international profile is perhaps the closest musical project to the soul and character of Locus Festival, and we are delighted to be able to get Calibro back on board this year.

Another great friend of Locus, the brilliant American bassist and composer MICHAEL LEAGUE, leader of the formidable SNARKY PUPPY, will be in Locorotondo in duo with pianist BILL LAURANCE, award-winning and original member of the band. A truly precious and engaging experience for all live music lovers.

We still need a few more days to confirm the final locations and dates for these concerts, which will be ticketed with a limited number of spaced seats, in compliance with the already known anti-Covid19 security protocols. Tickets will be on sale exclusively through the app, freely downloadable on all Android and iOS devices.

The same app will make live streaming coverage of some shows and happenings on DICE TV, and on the festival’s social media channels, freely accessible (or with voluntary donations). This way we can keep in touch with all Locus fans, old and new, who can’t be present on site.

For now we all keep in touch, waiting for the next announcements and details: there will be other beautiful and important surprises!
The work also continues for Locus Festival 2021, where we are relocating several artists canceled from this years’ emergency.

Locus 2020 resist in a “Limited Edition”, and postpones of one year the “Open-eyed music” edition.

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Since the first news about the Corona Virus began to circulate, we have been holding our breath. We have witnessed the incredibly rapid expansion of the pandemic issue and the occurrence of the worst scenario for our world.
After dedicating our whole lives to bringing people together with music, this year we have to consider social distancing as the only way to protect the community.

In recent months, we have preferred not to give vague information to our audience, but we never stopped working, monitoring the evolution of the situation in regards to the summer.
Now we can say with certainty that, unfortunately, the extraordinary concerts already announced for 2020 will not be possible,  but we are working to reschedule them in summer 2021 together with the entire format already presented this year.

We’re honored to announce already today “Locus festival 2021 – Open-eyed music”, with the first two shows confirmed: Niccolò Fabi on the 31st of July 2021, and Willie Peyote on the 7th of August 2021. The tickets already purchased will remain valid for the new shows.

We’re trying to reschedule also other artists, and we hope to announce them as soon as possible.  But, we’re not giving up on Locus in 2020!

We are dealing with the new ways of safe use for events for this summer, codified and announced by national and regional authorities.
It is therefore still necessary some time our end, but a new program is being conceived for a “Locus festival 2020 – limited edition” in August in a more intimate dimension,
preserving the quality and the cultural identity of Locus.
And for those who cannot reach us, we will offer the possibility of maintaining an audiovisual contact with special live streaming videos.

In this extremely difficult situation for the entire music business, we resist holding on to our roots and the essentials that we’ve never abandoned: good music, sincere performances, and a territory rich in beauty and tradition. Because Locus is the heritage of an entire community, that can give us strength and motivation on moving forward despite the heavy limitations caused by the health emergency.

Let’s stay together and everything will be fine!